A-Cast Sanitary Ware

A-Cast®, cast acrylic sheets, are all manufactured using 100% virgin Methyl Methacrylate monomer (MMA) and pure pigments for colours. Produced according to strict quality control guidelines, A-Cast® cast acrylic sheet conforms to international quality standards.


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Product Features

Product Overview

The wide range of colours and physical properties of A-Cast® cast acrylic are ideal for sanitary ware applications.

With a hard surface and excellent chemical resistance, A-Cast® is a specially formulated, cross- linked cast acrylic which is compatible with a wide range of household cleaning products.

Readily thermoformed with deep draws while maintaining part definition, the material is accredited, according to EN 263, for use across a full range of sanitary ware products including bath manufacture.

Refer availability for sheet sizes and thicknesses or for a technical specification, download our typical physical properties.