An understanding of colour

A-Cast® is a product that has become synonymous with clarity, colours and choice. The versatility of the material and wide range of colours, surfaces and finishes enable designers to quickly realise their creative ideas.

Light and colour can be the most powerful design elements when used effectively. If you are involved in the manufacture or design of products using colour, an understanding of colour will help when incorporating it into your design.

Colour wheel

The colour wheel is an established tool for creating a logical structure and determining complementary colours. Constructed using the three primary colours of red, yellow and blue positioned on a triangle with the secondary colours of orange, green and purple next to them. Secondary colours are produced when mixing the primary colours so that green, made from a mix of yellow and blue is positioned as such on the colour wheel. The balance of the colour wheel is then made up of tertiary colours – produced from a mix of a primary colour and a secondary colour with endless combinations.

Primary colours

Primary colours, according to colour theory, cannot be formed by mixing any other colour.

Secondary colours

Secondary colours are formed by mixing together two primary colours.

Tertiary colours

Tertiary colours are formed by mixing together a primary colour and a secondary colour.